2007 > 2014


2007 / 2014

Between 2007 and 2014 I shot compulsively on the wave of important and decisive moments of my life.
relationships with wrong people, job loss, a new love. Necessary changes in perspective sometimes sudden and unwanted.
in all this chaos, shooting everything that had an impact on me seemed to me the right way to handle the situation
the people, the places, the situations in which I found myself have then become important symbols and metaphors of a universe deep within me, and it is a part of me, silent yet colorful.
As time went by, I noticed that although I had created three distinct projects, the work was univocal.
unequivocally unique.
it was a well-defined path, made up of encounters, surprises and emotions.
an exorcism of evil, its understanding, it was finding myself in the imperceptible details of long lost everyday life.
an exercise in style and a precise language necessary for what would come later, photographically speaking
a cage necessary in order to evolve and become something else.

Part I


Part II


Part III

Amor vincit Omnia was published on the Black Lie vol.1 book.
Blacklie, Vol. 1
by Massimiliano Perasso and Nick Arjolas, foreword by Lina Pallotta
Various artists: Lina Pallotta, Matteo Bastianelli, Mateusz Sarello, J.A. Mortam, Fabio Sgroi, Pierangelo Laterza, Marco Marzocchi, Piero Roi, Sofia Bucci.
Dark Matter & Vampyres have been featured on websites, magazines and fanzines.