“I want so much that is not here and do not know where to go.”  C. Bukowski

I was born here 40 years ago.

I’ve seen it change but rarely evolve. I’ve seen it leave its weaker areas and people behind, getting uglier as if its magnificent past was something that never happened, or something that couldn’t come back anyways, so why bother.

I have analyzed it, dissected it, explored it, I have tried to change and flee from it with no success. This town sucks you in like quicksand and the more you thrash the deeper you sink. 

So I decided to stay still, and just observe it.  Its places, its faces, its missed occasions, its withering energy, its constant idle speed, like it’s waiting for someone to save it from itself.

This is my personal take on this place: instead of fighting my demons, I chose to dance with them.

marco marzocchi

FORSAKEN has been selected for the issue nr. 7 of ARCHIVO fanzine.