Made over the course of 10 years, ‘Oyster’ is a visual diary compiled by Marzocchi as clues to understand his absent parents. At times bordering on frustration and violence, his images express his search for a ‘culprit’, a cause for his dysfunctional childhood environment. Using archival and original imagery, the artist ransacks the past to build a presence in a process of forgiving and letting go, as a quest to find love and healing.

Marzocchi had reevaluate his whole family history from the point of view of an adult. And close a circle. Like an Ouroboros.

Marco Marzocchi


“OYSTER” the book by VOID

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Book info:
13,8 x 16,2 cm
84 Pages
480 numbered copies
Pearled softcover
Leporello book

ISBN 978-618-84341-0-3

A special edition limited to 20 copies will be released soon.
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